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Unlike many areas of the country, Monroe County has more than enough water to satisfy current and future needs. Our water source, Lake Ontario, and the other Great Lakes contain 20% of the world’s fresh water!

MCWA Expands Lead Reduction Efforts

MCWA conducts external service line inspections, calls on customers to check internal service lines in effort to expand service line material inventory and reduce exposure to lead in drinking water.

Monroe County Water Authority (MCWA) is actively working to expand its inventory of water service line material and identify any remaining lead or galvanized service lines throughout its service area. Because water service line ownership is shared between MCWA and property owners, MCWA needs its customers’ help to update its inventory.

Water provided by MCWA is lead-free when it leaves its treatment plants. However, it can come into contact with lead as it flows through lead-containing household fixtures, plumbing, and service lines that connect customer homes to the public water system. The identification of lead and galvanized service lines will allow MCWA and its customers to take action where necessary to reduce the risk of lead entering their drinking water.

Currently, MCWA contractors are conducting inspections to determine external service line material. Customers may see crews checking service lines at curb boxes, which are buried valves typically located near the property line in a homeowner’s front yard. Customers will be notified if any action is required on their part.

Additionally, MCWA is enlisting customer assistance to identify the material of their internal water service line and submit the results to MCWA. Details on how to identify and report the results are available online at

“Providing safe, high-quality drinking water to the communities we serve remains our top priority,” said Executive Director Nick Noce. “We have long been in the practice of replacing any MCWA-owned lead service lines as we discover them throughout our service area. This initiative helps us expedite the process while keeping in the forefront our commitment to public health and safety.”

The Authority’s enhanced efforts are being made in conjunction with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “Lead and Copper Rule Revisions,” which require public water systems nationwide to publish a service line material inventory by October 2024. This inventory includes both the public and private portion of the water service, which is why customer participation is vital.

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