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MCWA  Board Meeting Schedule

The MCWA Board generally meets on a selected Thursday of each month in the Board Room at the General Offices, 475 Norris Drive. The proposed scheduled for this year is listed below.

The agenda will be available seven days before the scheduled meeting date. You can view the agenda for a meeting by clicking on “Agenda” after the date.

Agendas, packets and minutes are posted in printable pdf format. You will need Acrobat Reader to open the files.

Click here for your free Acrobat Reader

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Click here to view previously recorded Board Meetings.

MCWA 2021 Board Meeting Schedule

January, 2021Thursday 149:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes 
February, 2021Thursday 119:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes 
March, 2021Thursday 119:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes 
April, 2021Thursday 089:30 a.m.Agenda
Annual Mtg Agenda
Annual Mtg Minutes
May, 2021Thursday 139:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
June, 2021Thursday 109:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
July, 2021Thursday 089:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
August, 2021Thursday 129:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
September, 2021Thursday 099:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
October, 2021Thursday 149:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
November, 2021Wednesday 109:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
December, 2021Thursday 099:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes

MCWA 2020 Board Meeting Schedule

January, 2020Thursday 099:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes 
February, 2020Tuesday 049:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes 
March, 2020Thursday 129:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes 
April, 2020Thursday 239:30 a.m.Agenda
Annual Mtg Agenda
Annual Mtg Minutes
May, 2020Thursday 219:00 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
June, 2020Thursday 119:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
July, 2020Thursday 099:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
August, 2020Thursday 139:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
September, 2020Thursday 039:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
October, 2020Thursday 089:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
November, 2020Wednesday 259:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
December, 2020Friday 189:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes

MCWA 2019 Board Meeting Schedule

January, 2019Thursday 109:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes 
February, 2019Thursday 149:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
March, 2019Thursday 149:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes 
April, 2019Wednesday 249:30 a.m.Agenda
Annual Mtg Agenda
Annual Mtg Minutes
May, 2019Thursday 99:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
June, 2019Thursday 139:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
July, 2019Thursday 119:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
August, 2019Thursday 89:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
September, 2019Thursday 129:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
October, 2019Thursday 109:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
November, 2019Thursday 149:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
December, 2019Thursday 129:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes

MCWA 2018 Board Meeting Schedule

January, 2018Thursday 119:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes 
February, 2018Thursday 89:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
March, 2018Thursday 89:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
April, 2018Thursday 129:30 a.m.Agenda
Annual Mtg Agenda
Annual Mtg Minutes
May, 2018Thursday 109:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
June, 2018Thursday 79:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
July, 2018Thursday 129:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
August, 2018Thursday 99:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
September, 2018Thursday 139:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
October, 2018Thursday 119:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
November, 2018Thursday 89:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes
December, 2018Thursday 139:30 a.m.AgendaPacketMinutes