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The Water Authority is located at 475 Norris Drive, Rochester, New York 14610. Click on the “view larger map” link for directions.

The Monroe County Civil Service Commission governs employment with the MCWA. There are three classes of employment:

Competitive: Covers most positions at the Authority. Employees are selected from an eligible list based on a competitive test given by the Monroe County Civil Service Commission. Contact the County of Monroe Human Resources Department, County Office Building, 39 W. Main St., Rochester, New York 14614 for notices of upcoming exams and eligibility requirements

Labor and Non-Competitive: Covers a small number of positions. No examination is required, and applications can be obtained at our General Offices, 475 Norris Drive, Rochester, New York 14610

The Monroe County Water Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer

We can store over 130 million gallons, which can meet up to three days of usage.

3,380 miles of water mains, enough to stretch from Boston to Denver – and back again;

26,700 fire hydrants, essential in providing safety in our communities;

49 water tanks, ranging in capacity from 100,000 to 5 million gallons;

2 reservoirs, with capacities of 55 million and 5 million gallons;

44 remote pump stations, 22 bridge pipes, 36,000 valves, and 4 production facilities.