Water Fact

Water Fact

MCWA's Shoremont Water Treatment Plant can produce up to 140 million gallons a day.

Plaster Mill Road Water Main Installation


The Water Authority is constantly working to increase the reliability of our water system.  This year we will be making reliability improvements in the Town and Village of Victor.  A new water main will be installed on Plaster Mill Road, Victor Manchester Road and Lynaugh Road.  The installation of this main will eliminate a dead-end in the system resulting in increased reliability, fire flows and water quality. 

Once the main has been installed, it is pressure tested for leaks. If any leaks are found, they are corrected. Then the main is flushed and disinfected. Health samples are taken for testing by the Department of Health. After the main has successfully passed all tests, final connections and abandonments will be made. 

During final restoration, disturbed areas are restored to their preconstruction condition. Temporary asphalt is removed, and permanent asphalt is installed in paved areas. Lawn areas are graded and seeded and the contractor is responsible for proper regrowth.


The schedule depends on a number of factors, but we anticipate our contractor starting work in early October and finishing main installation in December.  Final lawn restoration will be done in the spring of 2016. 


You may contact our Customer Service department at (585) 442-7200 weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, or our Dispatcher at (585) 442-2009 weekdays before 8:30 and after 4:30 pm, and on weekends and holidays. A Water Authority inspector will be on-site throughout construction. Our inspectors carry an ID card and drive a company vehicle with a Water Authority logo on it. They are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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