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Water Fact

You could survive about a month without food, but you could only survive 5 or 6 days without water.

Harris Hill Tank Rehabilitation


As part of the Water Authority’s ongoing steel tank maintenance program, tanks are repainted on a regular basis, typically every 18-20 years. This work is performed by a contractor hired by the Water Authority.

Steel water tanks are painted to prevent corrosion. The existing coating is removed down to bare metal and damaged areas are repaired. Maintenance work to ladders, entrance hatches, vents and overflows is also done at this time.


The Water Authority's contractor will begin working in August, and should be complete by the end of November. 


You may contact our Customer Service department at (585) 442-7200 weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, or our Dispatcher at (585) 442-2009 weekdays before 8:30 and after 4:30 pm, and on weekends and holidays. A Water Authority inspector will be onsite throughout construction. Our inspectors carry an ID card and drive a company vehicle with a Water Authority logo on it. They are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Project Bulletin

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it necessary to paint steel water tanks?
A: Steel, when exposed to the environment, oxidizes and deteriorates. Painting protects the tank from the environment and prevents corrosion.

Q: How often are tank re-painted?
A: The Authority typically repaints tanks every 18-20 years as the coating begins to deteriorate.

Q: Is the interior of the tank painted as well?
A: Yes, the tank is emptied and the interior is painted to prevent corrosion of the interior surface.

Q: What type of paint is normally used?
A: A 3-coat epoxy system is used on the tank interior which conforms to NSF/ANSI standards. The exterior is coated with 2-coat epoxy and a urethane top coat. In the future a single coat 100% solids epoxy hybrids with no VOC’s will be used.

Q: How is the quality and performance of the coating verified?
A: A Water Authority inspector observes the contractor's work and takes measurements to verify proper paint film thickness and performance.

Q: Will there be any contamination on my property from the removal of old paint?
A: No, proper containment methods will be used to prevent any contamination of the surrounding areas.