We Now Have a New Way To Receive Your Water Bill!

Welcome to the Monroe County Water Authority Electronic Billing system.  E-Billing is a fast, easy and convenient way to receive your water bill.  All you need to do is enroll in this service to receive your water bill electronically.  Once you enroll in the service your paper water bill will be discontinued, unless you select the option to continue with a paper billing.

In order to enroll in the E-Billing system, you will need to provide information from your current water bill statement and create a password.  The password must meet the following criteria:

  • at least one lower-case letter

  • at least one upper-case letter

  • at least one number

  • at least one special character from these valid special characters:

     @   #   %   ^   _   +   =

  • a minimum of 8 characters

  • a maximum of 30 characters


Click Here for E-Billing Enrollment, Cancellation, or  to Update Account Information


Frequently Asked Questions

How much history will be available online?

Once enrolled, the bills will begin to accumulate and will be retained as long as the E-Billing profile exists.  Should you need to view your past billings issued prior to enrolling in E-Billing, you can still access those through our Account Balance page.


What happens if I move?

If you move, you will have to re-enroll at your new address with your new billing information.


How do I make a payment from my E-Bill?

You may make a payment from the bill view page.  Please note that a convenience fee of $1.49 for this service will be charged for each payment.


Can I still receive a paper billing?

When you enroll for E-Billing, it is set up by default to discontinue the paper billing unless you select the option to receive a paper bill.