Water Fact

Water Fact

Water is a chemical. It’s made of two gases, hydrogen and oxygen. Water acts like a gas sometimes (when it evaporates) but we usually think of water as a liquid something wet.

The Monroe County Water Authority wants to be sure that the contact information on your account is up to date. If you are interested in updating your account information, or if you wish to provide us with your email address in order to receive non-emergency notices/newsletters/etc. from the Water Authority, please click the link below and update or supply us with your contact information.

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Learn About NY Alerts

The Monroe County Water Authority wants you to know that it has joined NY-Alert, a free service provided by the state, which notifies subscribers via phone, email or text message of dangerous situations and/or emergencies.  The services they provide include all public alerting needs of NYS municipalities and public safety agencies.

Should there be a water emergency or advisory that the Monroe County Water Authority wants to make the public aware of, it would notify NY-Alert, who would then issue a notice to any subscriber who has signed up for this service.  Subscribers may also choose to receive notifications from other New York agencies enrolled with NY-Alert.

To learn more about NY-Alert or to enroll to receive emergency alerts visit New York State’s website at