Water Fact

Water Fact

Water from MCWA is high quality. Questions? Call MCWA's Customer Service line (585) 442-7200, USEPA at 800-426-4791, or Monroe Co. Health Department at (585) 753-5057.

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About MCWA


Where is the Water Authority located?


What is the difference between Monroe County Water Authority, Rochester Water Works and Pure Waters?


How do I apply for a job with the Water Authority?


My Water


What is the MCWA's service area?


Where does my water come from?


How much storage capacity does the Authority have?


How does a water tower work?


Why are antennas on top of some water towers?


Who is responsible for the water lines to my house?


Is it okay to plant near the curb box?


How long will my water be off during repairs?


Why wasn't I notified before my water was shut off?


Why are colored stakes, flags or paint marks on my lawn or sidewalk?


Who do I call if I'm installing a swimming pool, fence or a sprinkler system in my yard?


When is grading and seeding done to repair damages?


When are pavement patches made?


How can I prepare for winter?


Who has permission to open a fire hydrant?


My water looks dirty. How can I get it to clear up?


Why is my water milky colored?


What are the white particles clogging my faucets?


Why is my water running slowly?


How do I check for toilet leaks?


Where is my shut-off valve located?


How can I make safe drinking water in an emergency?


What is water hardness?


Do I need a water softener?


Why is my water fluoridated?


Is there lead in my water?


Do you use Chloramines to treat the water?


How can I get a copy of the MCWA Water Quality Report?



My Bill


Has my water been shut off for non-payment?


How do I get water service to my house?


How often am I billed?


How can I pay my bill?


How are rental properties billed?


What is a mailer card, and how do I get one?


How do I enter meter reads?


How do I use the Meter Read Call in System?


Why is MCWA changing my water meter?


Can I see my bill online?


How can I get my account balance or check when my payment was received?


How can I change my billing address?


What do I need to do if I am moving?


What if I will be away for an extended period of time?


What should I do before I leave for an extended time?


What should I do for an unheated seasonal residence?


Why is there a customer code on my bill?