How We Measure Up

Refreshing Performance Standards

When it comes to performance, we consistently provide you with pure water efficiently, reliably and affordably. And we continue to earn top rankings in national performance benchmarks for system integrity, labor efficiency, operations costs and affordability. These competitive rankings illustrate our dedication to providing you with the highest quality water at the lowest possible price.

Customer Accounts Per Employee Chart

Chart: Millions of Gallons per Day (MGD) Delivered per Employee

Chart: Monthly Cost of Water Comparison: 2009 Monthly Cost of Water for a Typical Customer

Chart: System Integrity - Breaks per 100 Miles of Water Main


Sustainability through Stewardship
Part of the reason we’re able to deliver water so efficiently is that we believe in using our resources responsibly. That’s why we continue to build toward a sustainable future through a strong infrastructure and reinvestment program. In fact, our reinvestment program is a hallmark of our commitment to responsible stewardship.

Here are a few examples of our proactive approach:

  • In 2010, the Water Authority replaced more than 4.5 miles of water mains and cement-mortar-lined another 4.5 miles of water mains.
  • Long-term fiscal savings through the Eastside Water Supply Project (Read more)
  • Continuing commitment to an efficient and effective workforce
  • Dedication to proactive financial practices
  • Attention to green initiatives

We look forward to a bright future serving you with clean, affordable water for generations to come.